Should you invest in cars, handbags or whisky? Axon’s Automotive Anorak


If you are fortunate enough to have retained your job and/or regular income source during the current global coronavirus pandemic – as well as your health and sanity – without having to resort to selling off the family silver or a favoured old vehicle (such as I did with my beloved Citroen HY) then as well as being very lucky, you may want to consider where is the best place to invest any spare cash you might still have knocking around.

With bank interest rates presently at an all-time low, those fortunate few to have some spare funds swilling around could look into investing their hard-earned in a classic or interesting special car. And based on a few conversations I had with some well-known vehicle dealers and owners during Goodwood SpeedWeek presented by Mastercard, the collector’s car market is currently thriving, with many makes and models in demand, and values of vehicles in the popular sub-£100,000 and over £1 million-plus categories being uncommonly buoyant. Specialist niche car makers, such as Morgan and some premium kit car replica producers, are also seeing a welcome growth in demand.

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