Interior hacks: How one kitchen item can ‘transform’ the entire room

     Interior hacks: How one kitchen item can ‘transform’ the entire room (Image: GETTY)

KITCHEN tiles are one of the easiest ways to compliment a plain interior, and one tiling expert has revealed how they can make the room look even bigger. These are the crafty tiling hacks you should know.

 tiles are a staple design feature in most properties, providing a practical splashback to cover painted walls. With everything from patterns to block colours to choose from, there’s a design to suit every space - but how can the finer details on your kitchen tiles transform the entire room? reveals the clever tile hacks to make the most out of your space.

Size up to create space

Small kitchen tiles are often the go-to design to fill a condensed space, but it turns out that sizing up could be the key to a bigger room.

Mike Head, director at Atlas Ceramics said: “Tiles can not only transform the appearance but also how the space feels too.”

To create the illusion that your kitchen is bigger than it is, use large tiles to fill empty wall space, or replace a smaller scale pattern.

This simple switch will trick the eye into thinking the space is wider and is particularly well-suited to new build properties which tend to feature smaller, tile-free kitchens.

Interior hacks: How one kitchen item can ‘transform’ the entire room

     Interior hacks: How one kitchen item can ‘transform’ the entire room (Image: GETTY)

     Interior hacks: Deep colours and rich textures work well against wood and neutral               fittings (Image: GETTY)

Place your tiles strategically

Most kitchen tiles will be found in the space between countertops and overhead cabinets, but where else can you place your ceramic tiles?

Extending your tiling pattern to nearby windowsills is a great way to open up a cramped space.

Placing tiles on the surface of your window sills will bounce sunlight into the room, making it appear brighter and more open.

This clever hack is perfect for both kitchen and bathrooms - especially in more enclosed spaces.

For the best results:

  • Use bright patterns or colours to make the most of the reflective light
  • Tile window sills around the room to achieve a fluent design theme throughout the space   
     Interior hacks: Mosaics are on-trend as are geometric patterns (Image: GETTY)

Make a statement with patterns and colours

While this one may seem obvious, the kitchen is often the most plainly decorated room in the house, with many homeowners favouring timeless neutrals over bright hues.

Mike said: “Think about playing around with contrasts and tonal colour palettes, such as mixing earthy neutrals like brown and cream with deep green.

“Pastel colours and calming blues can also give the room a more zen feel, leaving it looking brighter.”

Adding a simple accent colour through your tiles is a great way to commit to a more vibrant interior while maintaining that timeless feel.

Interior hacks: Kitchen tiles can set the tone for the entire room based on their colours and shape (Image: GETTY)

Patterns and dark colours aren’t just for large kitchens, in fact, they can work well in even the smallest of spaces.

Use enticing patterns like colourful mosaics or bold geometric styles to draw attention to one part of the room.

Larger geometric patterns work well with bold colours on a plain background, while intricate mosaics benefit from a simple two-tone.

Don’t be afraid to use dark block colours, not only are they very much on-trend, but they can actually open up a confined space when used alongside pastels and neutrals.

Interior hacks: How one kitchen item can ‘transform’ the entire room (Image: GETTY)

Take a personalised approach to your tiling

Choosing the right tiles to compliment your space is crucial, so always consider the existing fittings in your kitchen.

To maximise the potential of your kitchen, you can:

  • Use contrasting colours on cabinets to give the illusion of height
  • Use neutral tones to reflect light and add depth to your space
  • Make use of “aged-affects” on marble and metals to reflect light
  • Use hexagon shapes to add dimension to a sleek kitchen

Mark added: “Dark ceilings are also trending at the moment, and whilst they may not immediately appeal for a small kitchen, when paired with the right colour tiles they can be very impactful.

“A dark ceiling can also help to draw your eye away from tired, worn cupboards.”

Experiment with grout colours

Grout colour is a particularly important finishing touch for a small kitchen, as different colour contrasts can create different effects.

Charcoal grout is slightly softer than black while being more user-friendly than white.

Dark brown grout can provide a more rustic look, especially when paired with lighter tiles, while matching your tile colour to your grout will provide a sleek finish.

Use lighting for a finishing touch

Lighting is essential over staple kitchen appliances but using it above your tiles could also add a real wow factor to the room.

Industrial-style bulbs, wall lights or drawer lights are particularly helpful for those kitchens that may not get a lot of natural light in the house.

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