1960 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster in Uranium Yellow

Transposed digits: A princess's beautiful 300 SL

Even princesses drive Mercedes-Benz. The 300 SL of the W198 II series has always been considered luxurious, pompous and highly developed. Due to the high purchase price, only the rich and beautiful could treat themselves to such a dream car. Celebrities, businessmen or kings. But Princess Ashraf Pahlavi also opted for one of these chic two-door models. The specimen presented here was delivered brand new to the Iranian royal palace - in the eye-catching special color DB662G "Uranium Yellow". Delivered to the Royal Palace, the roadster fell into the hands of Ashraf Pahlavi, the twin sister of H.R.H. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the former Shah of Iran. Incidentally, the 300 SL was not the only star in the Pahlavis fleet. Among other things, she drove a 1959 Mercedes-Benz 220 S 'Ponton' Cabriolet. Princess Pahlavi separates from the 300 SL 13 picturesPhoto series | 1960 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster in Uranium Yellow: Transposed digits: A princess's beautiful 300 SL

According to a copy of the Mercedes-Benz works log, the 300 SL Roadster with chassis number 198042.10.002576 was completed at the Stuttgart plant on June 20, 1960 and painted in the aforementioned color DB662G 'Uranium Yellow'. In addition, the roadster was equipped with black leather and a matching black convertible top. The steel block engine with the number 198980.10.002627 worked under the hood. According to Mercedes-Benz of Tehran owner Ali Fouladi, who at the time bought the car directly from the royal family - Princess Pahlavi encountered an engine problem with her 300 SL on a trip to the Caspian Sea. The oil pan cracked, oil leaked out and the engine gave up the ghost. 

Transposed digits: aluminum engine block in the early W198 II?

The no longer roadworthy 300 SL was then returned by Pahlavi to a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Tehran, where the new owner Mr. Fouladi acquired the car from the Iranian kingdom shortly afterwards. Since the 300 SL Roadsters were equipped with aluminum engine blocks from spring 1962, one of these coveted 300 SL light-alloy engines was procured and flown by air from Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart to Tehran and installed in the SL. The new factory 300 SL alloy engine was then given the number of the original engine, accidentally swapping two of the area codes. 

From Tehran via Paris to California

The coveted 300 SL Roadster remained in Mr. Fouladi's personal collection for half a century but was rarely driven. In 1978 he made a trip by car from Tehran to Paris. The SL should be stored there from now on. When Mr. Fouladi emigrated to Southern California in the early 1980s, he took the 300 SL with him. In California, the car was then resold with 20,000 kilometers on the clock

 Hjeltness restores the royal SL

Pahlavi's Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster was completely restored in the USA. The company "Hjeltness Restoration" in Escondido, California was responsible for the construction. The invoices on the vehicle's papers total over $600,000 in restoration costs, with both the mechanical and cosmetic aspects of the vehicle being fully restored and overhauled. Given the roadster's exciting and prominent royal history and unique colour, the decision was made to restore the car exactly as it looks today.

 The 300 SL costs just under 2 million dollars

More than 60 years after it was delivered to Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, the 300 SL is presented in excellent condition inside and out. The roadster in uranium yellow now has 23,507 kilometers on the clock. Now, on March 3rd, the SL was sold to a new owner at the Amelia Island Auction at Fernandina Beach Golf Club. The experts estimate the value of the vehicle at 1,900,000 - 2,300,000 US dollars. The hammer ended up falling at $1,985,000. But the star of the wild auction show was a Porsche 550 Spyder from 1955. After a turbulent bidding war, the Spyder found a new owner for a sensational US$ 4,185,000.

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