I am running my own race and not with people, says Malaysian model and influencer Siew Pui Yi


Beauty with a personality that is too hot to handle is a deadly combination. Very few people possess both the qualities and Siew Pui Yi, a Malaysian model, is fortunate to be blessed with an incredibly stunning personality that can give any model a tough competition. Known for her sensual and bold photoshoots, Siew has time and again grabbed many eyeballs. Not just a model, she is also an influencer who is making huge money. The 22-year-old model began her career at a very young age of 15 as a freelance fashion model.

Besides doing lingerie shoots, print shoots for photographers and designers, the model has also been a part of several music videos and ad-films. At 18, she collaborated with many brands for lingerie shoots and when she was 19, she was signed by an artist management agency for a contract of 3 years. Today, she is one of the top models and influencers in Malaysia whose fan following is unmatched especially among the millennials. In 2018, she launched her own calendar which was among the highest-selling copies and last year, she even launched her own photo album.

Moreover, the young and dazzling diva does not believe in the concept of competition. When asked about the same, she said “I don’t know why people create such hoopla about it. Being competitive is a good sign but in that process, don’t forget to lose the focus from yourself. People try to be best from others and they tend to forget that they need to be a better version of themselves. I am running my own race and not with the people. I learn the best things from other models and strive to improve myself every day. Don’t compete with people. Compete with yourself and let your work make the noise.”

At 22, Siew Pui Yi has made her name among the top models of Malaysia.

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