Why so many are dyeing to go from blonde to brunette: Women share their dark tales

First Gen Z came for our skinny jeans. Then our side-parted hair. And now, the young have deemed blonde locks dunzo.

Last week, some sassy gals on TikTok declared blonde hair “cheugy” — or in millennial, Gen X or boomer parlance, terribly unhip.

But can light locks really be “over”? Thanks to the pandemic forcing ladies to see their true colors after salons shuttered — and a slew of celebrities reaching for dark dye — the bombshell bright shade seems to be taking a backseat to bold brunette.

“Seeing all of the transformations on TikTok is what made me actually make the decision,” 24-year-old Morgan Rosztoczy told The Post of her dramatic makeover. “I live in San Diego and everyone here is blonde so I am excited to stand out in the crowd.”

Indeed, Rosztoczy, who works in aesthestic dermatology sales, said that she’s seen a change in the way men react to her with her dark hair.

“I have noticed a few more flirty gestures,” she said, adding that her boyfriend was shocked by the change and “had no words for a while but loves it now.”

Hailey Bieber debuted a darker ‘do earlier this fall.
Getty Images

“I am 6 feet tall so I usually get a lot of attention anyway, but at work I think it is because they think I am someone new. People who have been clients for a while think that I am a different person when they come in.”

Though, “blondes do have a certain way of getting what they want,” she said, “I am excited for less maintenance, less spending and healthier hair.”

Margot Zamet is letting her blonde hair grow out in favor of a more natural brunette look with a little help from colorist Jenna Perry.
Courtesy Margot Zamet

So yes, blondes might have more fun, but brunettes? They’re chill.

Take 23-year-old Margot Zamet, who decided to darken her honey-hued hair after her roots grew out earlier this year.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit assistant editor — no stranger to being surrounded by blondes — said that going darker has improved her life.

“I have pared down my wardrobe. I buy better quality pieces and wear the same thing more often,” Zamet told The Post, adding that it “feels right” to revert to her natural color. “It’s more effortless, and that somehow feels chic.”

Zamet’s inspiration was model Hailey Bieber, who has traded her highlighted blonde for soft brown — and a simpler, sleeker red carpet style. Gigi Hadid also recently muted her Malibu Barbie tresses into a warm, chestnut color, and “Little Women” star Florence Pugh has not only hacked off her blonde locks, but dyed them deep brown, too.

“Right now it’s definitely a trend to go darker,” celebrity colorist Jenna Perry — the brains behind the most babe-tastic brunettes of the moment, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski — told The Post. “We are seeing many women come in and ask to be more of their natural color or a darker version of themselves.”

Colorist Jenna Perry works works with famous brunettes Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski.
Getty Images for Dior

Perry, who recently took iconic New York blonde ChloĆ« Sevigny brunette for a movie role and is behind Zamet’s transformation, said clients are definitely motivated by celebs going darker — and are interested in looks with less upkeep.

“Every color has its upkeep but blondes are a little more high maintenance. With brunette, they can stretch their time between appointments a bit longer,” said Perry.

That was the motivation for Liz Logan, who just said sayonara to her bright blonde in favor of brown hair and bangs a la “50 Shades” star Dakota Johnson.

New Yorker Liz Logan recently went brunette a la Dakota Johnson.
Courtesy Liz Logan

“I wanted to go dark,” Logan, 25, told The Post. “I was getting sick of it. I kept over-highlighting my hair so toward the end of my run, it was a solid root-to-tip blonde. It wasn’t even highlighted.”

The transformation has been so drastic that the Long Island-based publicist said some friends and family haven’t recognized her with chocolate tresses.

“I am noticing that a lot of my friends don’t like the solid blonde any more. They still like the highlights and face frame, so they have toned it down a lot,” said Logan, who is single.

Longtime blonde Gigi Hadid went brunette last month.
GC Images

Perry said many of her clients are coming in with Bieber’s photos as well as Bella Hadid’s, which means she has to talk some off the ledge from going too dark.

“Some bring in pictures too dark for their skin tone,” said Perry. To avoid “brunette regret,” discuss your plan with your colorist, who will be able to advise on the best shade for your look.

But ultimately, Perry said light tresses aren’t going anywhere.

“I think blonde hair is classic, and I don’t know why we are paying so much attention to what Gen Z is saying.”


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